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Gear4Grunts sent GWR one of their new Rapid Access Magazine Pods( RAMP) to review so thanks to Gear4Grunts for letting GWR review their new RAMP. The RAMP is a unique take on the speed reload concept, rather than using a kydex lined pouch Gear4Grunts took on a different approach by creating a whole unit from a lightweight polymer. Gear4Grunts also uses a different method for magazine retention. Rather than using friction the magazine is retained by an internal tab inside the pod the locks into the magazine much like the magazine release of AR type guns. As a result of the design only standard mags and PMAGs will fit, anything with ridges will not fit.(ex Tango Down Arc Mag) In order for magazines to seat and lock properly the magazine must be oriented appropriately. Reinsertion and removal of the magazine is very smooth and is perfect for facilitating tactical reloads.

The RAMP mounts onto PALS via 4 mounting tabs located on the backside of the RAMP.

If you are in the market for a unique speed reload product, give the RAMP by Gear4Grunts a look. It provides a quick expedient reload in a small and lightweight package. The RAMP is available in Black, Dark OD Green, Foliage Green and Light Earth. The RAMP can be ordered directly from Gear4Grunts for $29.95.